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If you have a talent for writing and need some extra money then you could be easily making money doing something you enjoy! Ebooks are a popular trend that has steadily been growing in popularity over the years. Due to their convenience over paperbacks, many people opt for them as their reading article of choice. Writing eBooks can be a very time-consuming process but it can be extremely fun and profitable.

How To Create An Ebook

When you are planning out your book there are many steps that you will need to plan out beforehand.

These steps are:

1. What kind of book are you going to write?

Is it going to be fiction or non-fiction? Generally, non-fiction is easier to write about since research is a lot easier to do, it also offers additional flexibility as to how you present it. You could write about a personal experience or a topic that you are particularly knowledgeable on. If you are writing fiction you will need to carefully plan out multiple characters and you will need a lot of creativity to plan out all of the detail.

2. What is it about?

You need to think about what your book will be about, what the title will be and who your audience is. The title is vital, it is where buyers will be judging the book by its cover and first impressions are important. Knowing your target audience is just as important because it decides which sites you will promote your book on and the design of the books cover.

The book’s topic should be as interesting to you as it is to your target audience, if you write about what you love and are interested in then it is likely your book will be better written due to your passion for the topic. By writing about something you know well you can also personalise your book more easily because you can talk about your personal opinions and experiences on the topic, this makes readers see that you have a lot of knowledge on the subject and know what you are talking about in your book.

3. Do your necessary research

When you know the topic of the book, searching for the competition you have for this topic could give you a heads up on how to make your ebook unique and stand out. You may also require additional research to grasp a certain concept or to accurately portray something in your work.

4. Make sure it’s readable

Making sure your book is easy to read is very important because most readers will want quick and easy reads. The layout can make a book easier to read, use a simple font with no more than two colours and try to remember less is more. Do not write blocks of text, it will make your reader disengage with your work and get bored.

5. Design a front cover

Once you’ve written your book make sure you have thoroughly proofread it and edited it, ensuring you have the right editing programme is essential. To make your book look more professional you can add images and a front cover. A well designed front cover gives readers a reasonable idea as to what they are getting into and will be eye-catching. By drawing their interest like this they are more likely to purchase it.

Where To Write Your Ebook

Finding the right programme to use for writing your book is crucial. There are a few choices that you could use for your needs.

You can go on to Fiverr to create your own ebook. On Fiverr it has the options and steps for your apps:

  • Create your content
  • Proofread, edit and finalize
  • Design your book cover, or you can get one designed for you by a designer
  • Publish and promote your book

-It is useful to write your content on Open Office because it’s free and has many tools.

-Before you can start selling your ebook you must convert it into PDF format, you can do this on Open Office or pay someone else to do it for you on Fiverr

Publishing And Selling Your Ebook

You can sell your ebooks on your own website or on existing sites like the ones below:


Payhip allows you to sell any digital material including ebooks, they also only take a small 5% of the profit made.


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to self-publish your ebooks online for free, it is a very popular site so publishing your ebook on here will increase the likeliness of sales although you only get to keep up to 70% of your sales profits.


LuLu allows you to create, publish and sell your ebooks for free. It even offers to convert your ebook into PDF for a small price.


Tradebit lets you create your own page to sell your own ebooks at a custom price on large markets such as eBay.


Kobo Writing Life lets you self-publish your books on to the Kobo website for millions of buyers to see free of charge, however, Kobo does take a commission on your sales.

Promoting Your Ebook

Although you have now published your book online it is still unavoidable to promote your book on social media as this will increase sales by a lot. To generate interest you may have to give away a few free copies to bloggers with the same target audience as you and request that they post about your book for their followers/viewers to see.
Another approach is to get people interested in your site, this could be by posting on sites of the same niche where viewers may be drawn to buy your book if they are interested enough to click on your site.

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