Top 10 Home-Working Jobs For Mums

by | March 27, 2019 | Making Money


Mums, we know how tough it can be! Juggling all your mummy tasks as well as trying to work a full-time job can be a mammoth task. But hey, here we have outlined some of the best jobs any mother can take on. Whether single, married, divorced, looking after children or…whatever the situation!


Of course, looking after your own children can be tough enough, but do you… have a few extra hours on your schedule? Enjoy working with children? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then babysitting could be ideal for you!

See our full blog on babysitting for more details but, whilst the initial rate for a babysitter is £8-9 per hour (depending on various factors such as experience) and it may not seem a very high-earning occupation at first, imagine the huge sums you could be making in times of high demand and if you succeed!

Doggy Minding

Household pets are becoming more and more common every day. With 49% of UK adults owning a pet and 24% owning a dog. According to the PDSA. If you live in a relatively populated area, you’re sure to find some success doggy sitting. All you need is a little know-how, a suitable environment, and the willingness to provide adequate care. And you have yourself a business!

Check out our blog on dog sitting for more information.


Sure, a common activity these days it seems, right? Well, you wouldn’t believe just how much income can be drawn in from blogging. Once found the correct topic and audience!

With some basic web skills along with of course a little know-how and quality writing in the art itself. As a homeworking mum, you could be in for a terrific, and enjoyable new means of income. Even if simply part-time!

Visit our guide to starting and monetizing your blog, in which we can show you the first stages you could take.

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

A more technical activity that can be read more about in our specialized blog, affiliate marketing is another way, whilst requiring some business nouse and perhaps dedication, to make some big bucks online.

We can teach you in a lot more depth about affiliate marketing in our related article if you’re interested. In short, you’ll be promoting someone’s products or services for a commission.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer with a company, they usually have an option with information at the bottom or top of the page. Or you could just check out our more detailed blog which will be a lot more helpful!

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A job perhaps potentially ideally suited to one currently working at home, transcribing involves listening to pieces of speech and creating for them accompanying script, for example, forming subtitles for a movie or writing a transcript of dialogue for somebody.

Our guide to transcription services provides plenty more information and guidance but obviously, at first glance, it seems quite a straightforward role and way to make money from home, with simply the ability to read, write and understand English – or indeed a different language – needed in order to perform the role.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

A profession in huge increasing demand nowadays. Virtual assistants can make plenty simply by completing a variety of tasks and services online for particular persons/businesses. Of course, often, certain skills will be required, almost always IT skills. But should you meet the criteria, grabbing yourself a job as a ‘VA’ could be a simple and lucrative job.

If you are interested in this area of work. Our blog on how to become a Virtual Assistant will show you how to get started.


Are you skilled in a particular area or highly knowledgeable in a certain subject? Well then, online or even face-to-face teaching could be a perfect way to start earning some extra cash.

Provided you have the qualifications required to teach, all’s you need to do is promote yourself. Then voila – you have yourself a business!

Musical instruments like piano, or languages are great examples of the types of tutoring you can easily get involved in. Provided you have the necessary equipment!

If you think that you might want to change your profession and become a tutor, our article on how to become a tutor can give you more information to help you get started.

Cake Maker

Hmmm, sure…perhaps a commonly spotted and competitive market to get into. But if you feel you have the baking skills, the interest and have spotted a niche…then why not turn your hobby into a bit of money on the side?

With social media advertising, it is surprisingly easy to get into and cakes are an item appearing in almost all major or even smaller celebrations. And, no need to leave the house or rearrange your schedule massively to begin. So, why not give it a go?! We even provide a few tips ourselves in our cake-making article here to get you started.

Online Translator

Through a site such as Gengo, which is a web-based human translation platform that provides professional translation services in more than 37 languages, you can make some big bucks with your useful skill!

Different from language tuition, in which a person is themselves wanting to learn to speak the language. Working as an online translator simply sees you presented with pieces of work and documents such as scripts, audio, etc., and having the task of producing a high-quality, accurate translation(s).

Of course, through a Gengo or somewhere similar, you can apply, be reviewed, and be offered available work, at whatever rate is going. Or, alternatively, you could put yourself onto a site such as Craigslist and offer your services freelance. The choice is yours. Find out more about the profession on our dedicated blog on becoming an online translator, and don’t allow your skill to go to waste!


Have an industry in which you are confident you can sell products? Well, an excellent place to begin selling in your particular market is by drop shipping. This is essentially selling to customers through an online store but without holding any inventory at all. In fact, the only time at which you, the seller, would come into contact with the product itself is once an order has been placed.

A key advantage of dropshipping is that it is very low-risk, with no inventory needing to be purchased until you are sure that an order has been placed. Much more information about the industry, steps needed to get started, and all risks concerned can be found on our Dropshipping blog. Don’t ignore this terrific opportunity to get stuck in your market of interest!

At the end of the day, we all know how strenuous being a stay-at-home mother can be, particularly when the going gets tough financially! So, if you feel you have skills to put to good use, then be sure to not let any of these potential jobs slip out of your grasp…and happy earning!

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