How To Make Money At Game?

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How To Sell Items At GAME

GAME is a video game retailer based in the UK that Specialises in an authoritative range of gaming as well as the gaming lifestyle.

The high street gaming retailer allows you to sell a range of items within the gaming category.

Inside the GAME store

With 328 stores in the United Kingdom GAME can sell games for all major video platforms as well as gaming products. Games sold by this retailer are under ‘preowned’ label, from a customer who has returned a used game for cash or credit. Some of the operations by GAME are facilitated by their website

What Can You Sell At GAME?

Selling with GAME is either through the GAME store or online.

Items that can be traded via their stores are:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Beats headphones, iPods, smartphones and e-readers
  • VR headsets
  • Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch games consoles and accessories
  • Toys to life figures

Items you can trade-in via GAME online include:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Xbox One games
  • PlayStation 4 games
  • Nintendo switch games

What Does It Take To Sell At GAME?

GAME allows people to trade in previously owned items and games via their store or online. Usually, they offer to sell your pre-owned phones and tablets as well as games and consoles.

You can get cash, payment via PayPal or online payment via GAME Wallet, Online valuations offered at GAME cannot be used to price match trade-ins but can be used with online trade-ins.

GAME Store

What you need to trade in with GAME at a store

You will have to provide either of the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Driving license
  • Valid passport
  • Government or Military recognised photo pass card

To trade in phones or tablets, you must also provide an up to date (not older than 90 days) domestic bill.

To get a cash payment, you’ll need the same local bill and photo ID both showing the same address.

You might be required to provide additional identification in some parts of England and Wales depending on local authorities rules.

How It Goes

  1. For any items you wish to sell with GAME via the trade-in option, you take them to a GAME store
  2. At the store, personable staff check the condition of your items and test them if need be
  3. The staff then scan the items to give you a quote
  4. Once you are satisfied with the offered quote, the funds can be put on your GAME Wallet, a gift card or receive a purchase offer there and then. You could also decide to take cash in exchange but game cautious that the cash value is in most cases lower.

Selling At GAME Online

GAME also has an online trade-in portal that allows you to send items to them, and you can sell them online.

Procedure to follow to trade in with GAME online:

  1. Visit their TRADE IT site
  2. Find products you wish to sell and add them to your basket. Here you get a price for the item you intend to sell.

Should you find that your item is not on the GAME website, you are advised to visit your local GAME store, and you might get an offer worth the value of your items.

  1. Click complete order and follow on-screen steps. You must sell at least £5 for the items in your basket to complete an order. Please note there is no limit on the number of orders you wish to sell.
  2. Choose the payment method you prefer between PayPal or GAME Wallet
  3. Once done, you will get a confirmation email from GAME. Find a Royal Mail tracked delivery label, print it and attach it to your packed parcel. GAME allows you to pack your package in any box and provide free postage you use to send items.
  4. Send your package, and once GAME receives it, they will email you the next steps to follow

GAME always keeps you updated on the process of your order through emails. As aforementioned, you will receive information on order confirmed, order received and completed. The process helps you to know what stage your order is.

You can choose between visiting a local GAME store or online depending on the proximity, and convenience of the store and the Post Office since the trade-in service offers the same.

Do you know that all items you wish to sell at GAME are subject to grading?

All items previously owned that one wants to sell through GAME go through a Pre-owned Grading by GAME. After the process of checking and/ or testing, your items are put in categories that determine the quote as follows:

Grade A (Pristine Condition)

  • Are in cosmetically pristine condition which is no scratches or marks anywhere.
  • Came in the original box
  • Came with official controller and other accessories

Grade B (Good Condition)

  • Has a generally good condition with just slight cosmetic scratches or marks
  • Came with official controller
  • Has all working cables
  • Original box not necessary

Grade C (Fair condition)

  • Product is in a reasonable, saleable condition just some cosmetic marks or scratches
  • Has a working controller
  • Includes all working cables
  • The original box is not a must

After receiving and accepting your order, GAME works to get your payments as soon as possible. The store endeavours to send your GAME Wallet credit, or funds in your PayPal within the next working day. Sometimes, this process can take up to 5 working days, unfortunately. For those who do not receive their payment within this period, you are to contact GAME. They have a friendly customer service team who will be able to help.

Outside GAME store

Please note that, if GAME rejects your order, they regrettably cannot return or hold the items. The only option is recycling the items at their own cost.

Phones and tablets with a blocked network are not accepted by GAME and get quarantined for a 30-day period.

You can also check the terms and conditions offered by GAME for more details of the products you wish to sell. This will help you to know what you can or should not send to or take to GAME stores.

Look out for GAME exclusive offers like extra trade-in credit for specific items like new release games.

How Successful Is Selling At GAME?

While the pre-owned games market has declined over the past few years, there are still games as well as game consoles and accessories previously owned being sold. People are still buying second-hand games and gaming consoles which keeps the industry alive. So go ahead and choose your preferred method to trade in your items at GAME.

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