How To Become An Instagram Influencer In 2021

by | May 20, 2021 | Making Money, Marketing

9 Steps On Becoming An Instagram Influencer

Instagram is among the fastest-growing social media platforms, with all demographics and people across the globe. The growth of Instagram has further triggered the formation of influencer marketing. Today, Instagram is a good marketplace for various products and services. The parent company is also looking forward to creating more strategies for monetising the platform.

Today, many people want to become Instagram influencers. The ticket for becoming an Influencer used to be that you had to have lots of followers, well not no more. You can become an Instagram influencer with between 1000 – 10,000 followers as well, you just need to implement a few techniques;

  1. Select a niche

The first step in becoming an Instagram influencer is to select a suitable niche. You must have an interest and passion for the niche. Additionally, it’s also essential to ensure the niche comfortably suits your personality. You should not pick a niche just because someone told you that it’s excellent and has increased chances for success. Remember, what works for one person might not work for another. To be an effective Instagram influencer, you must be able to post consistently and regularly. Therefore, if you choose a niche of interest, you will not struggle a lot during research and posting your content on the platform.

Some of the top-rated niches include fashion and design, food, crafts, beauty, home decor, lifestyle, automotive, travel, and health and wellness. Professionals advise that after picking your favourite niche to work on, it’s essential to start a blog to continue engaging with your followers to strengthen your brand. Additionally, you can also diversify your content by engaging in other social networks. Sometimes, if you are passionate about two niches, you can also work on them simultaneously. for instance food and lifestyle, fashion as travel.


  1. Create an effective bio

After deciding your niche, the next step is to come up with a unique and attractive profile. First, it’s essential to understand what’s required in creating an effective bio. You should therefore use Instagram insights tools to first determine your followers’ demographics so that you can create a unique and attractive bio. Normally, the bio should have 150 characters. When creating your bio, ensure it attracts your audience’s attention and engaging at the same time. This is because users will first come across your bio first on your account.

An attractive and compelling bio will always make potential followers curious to knows more about what you have to offer. The bio doesn’t have to belong, because most people have the ‘laziness’ aspect of not reading through huge stories. It’s also essential to use the relevant keywords describing who you are and your brand. This will make your followers confident that they are in the right place. On the other hand, if you own a website, you can include your bio’s link.


  1. Upgrade your account

For serious Instagram influencers, it’s essential to upgrade your normal Instagram account to a business account. This is very beneficial because, first, you can have access to Instagram Analytics that will help you in determining your followers’ demographics resulting in even more quality engagement with your audience.

Additionally, with Instagram Analytics, it’s easy to determine the best engagement days and times. Knowing the demographics of your audience is essential because you will learn how to best pitch your brand. On the other hand, getting an Instagram business account will help you in running ads. This way, it’s easy to promote your posts for acquiring additional engagement.


  1. Ensure your Instafeed is appealing

To become a successful Instagram influencer, you must ensure your Instafeed is always attractive and appealing to your audience. Some people will have visually appealing photos, but low-quality Instafeed. It’s essential to make all your Instafeed photos attractive collectively. You can do this by editing your Instagram photos uniformly using the same colours and style. Even before you edit your photos, it’s essential to have them taken properly using high-resolution devices.


  1. Consistent posting is key

To become a good Instagram influencer, you must ensure that your content is posted consistently. Research shows that the most successful Instagram influencers will post their content daily or at least four times a week. In most cases, celebrities usually post their content even more than twice a day. Studies show that there’s a direct relationship between the frequency of content posting and engaging rates.

To post your content regularly on Instagram, you must develop a schedule and stick to it. The schedule should provide time for research and analysis of what your audience needs to see. Using the Instagram insights tools, you will also be in a position to identify website clicks, follower fluctuations, and profile views. This will guide you on how best to create and post your next content so that you can remain relevant and keep your followers active and informed.

When developing a schedule for posting your content on Instagram, you should avoid setting unrealistic goals. This is because you will end up not achieving them easily. If it’s challenging to stick to your written schedule for posting content, you can opt for some best online platforms such as Ripl, Buffer, Preview, and Planoly. All the platforms work by ensuring people create content early enough and setting dates for automatic posting. These platforms are not free but offer these services at affordable subscription fees either monthly or yearly.

Before you post your content on Instagram, it’s essential to proofread your work to ensure that there are no grammatical errors. There are some beneficial online tools like ProWritingAid that can help you in checking the grammar, style, and alternative words to make your content engaging to your audience.


  1. Share stories

Instagram is known to be ideal for sharing photos and videos. However, for your brand’s success, this is not only what’s required. The kind of captions used is equally important. It’s essential to share your stories so that you can engage more with your audience.

Remember, your audience will trust you more and your followers will increase if they find you more active and engaging. It’s also to be authentic and genuine during your engagement with your audience. You can always share some inspiring personal stories based on your niche. This will increase your engagement rate meaning that followers will continue dripping in your profile.


  1. Select the best Hashtags

Hashtags play a significant role in organically growing your Instagram following. Studies show that all posts containing hashtags have an additional 12.6% engagement rate. The reason behind this is that the hashtags make it easy for your audience to search your posts. On the Instagram platform, you can only use 30 hashtags per post. When selecting the best hashtags, it’s essential to avoid the highly searched hashtags because they are a sign of high competition. With these types of hashtags, there are higher chances that your Instagram post may get very few views. Therefore, it’s advisable to select hashtags with low search volumes to increase the chances of your posts appearing on top positions.

When selecting the best hashtags, ensure that they are brand-specific, subject-specific, campaign-specific, product-specific, location-specific, or event-specific. This way, you will narrow down your search for the perfect hashtags. Additionally, an Instagram post should have between 5-30 hashtags. Recent studies show that posts with 11 hashtags perform well. If you do not know how to best select hashtags for your posts, you can use an online tool called HashtagsForLikes. The tool works by first going through your Instagram profile and then finding great hashtags.


  1. Tag other brands

Getting in touch with other brands is important for your success as an Instagram influencer. After gaining a huge following, the next step is usually starting your brand outreach. This can be easily done by tagging other relevant brands to increase your visibility. Apart from tagging other brands, you send messages or emails to other niche relevant brands. However, before sending the messages, it’s essential to ensure that you research intensively to determine if the brands have previously collaborated with some influencers.

If you don’t get this information, you can ask them directly. When sensing the messages, it’s essential to use a pitch that explains who you are and what you offer. If you don’t know where to start finding these relevant brands, you can use some online platforms such as InfluencerBay, Grin, TapInfluence among others. However, before joining any of these platforms, it’s essential to check their general requirements because some require a certain number of Instagram followers.


  1. Increase your engagement

Engagement is the most basic aspect of social media. It’s a meaningful tool that will determine your success as an Instagram influencer. It’s essential to always reply to people who comment on your Instagram posts. You can also go a step further to comment on their posts on their Instagram accounts. To create meaningful engagement with your audience, you can add a call to action on your posts, use polls, host contests, post at the right time, and follow similar Instagram accounts.

Note: You should also avoid buying Instagram followers.

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