5 Examples to Driving People Around for Money

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For the most part, when people think of earning a living whilst driving, they think of driving trucks that ferry goods from one end of the country to the other or even across the border. In many regards, they are right and, in fact, there are plenty of opportunities for truck drivers. Given the ever-increasing volumes of trade, you can rest assured of finding a job as a truck driver.

5 Best Ways to Drive People for Money

  1. Ride Share Driving
  2. Chauffeur Business
  3. Taxi Driver
  4. Bus Driver
  5. Coach Driver

That being said, not everyone is enamored with the prospects of spending countless hours on the road alone. Tracking is not only a taxing job, but it can also be a very lonely job. It is possible for those who relish making money whilst driving but still want some interactions with people to do so. You can simply drive people around for money.

Top 5 Ways To Drive For Money

There are plenty of entryways and a wide variety of opportunities for people to make money whilst driving people around. Here we will explore the most popular and common ways that people are using their driving skills to ferry people and earning a living while at.

While the list below may not be exhaustive, it does cover the to-go-to method industries and methods that people typically use to earn money driving other people.

1. Ride Share Driving

Ride-sharing apps have revolutionized how people move around. Important for the topic at hand, they allow you to drive people around for money.

With just your car and a successful application to one of the many different ride-sharing apps and you can move people around and make money out of your effort. Herein we are going to explore some of the best and popular ride-sharing apps on the market that you can use.


uber logo

The most obvious option when you want to drive people around and make money is to apply to be an Uber partner. First and foremost, Uber is an incredibly popular ride-sharing app and as such, you are somewhat guaranteed of not running out of clients to ferry around.

Additionally, the rates you earn are quite good. As such, you will earn a decent income. And with some experience, you will learn how to optimize your earning potential, thereby earning a lot more.

Another reason to consider driving for Uber is the fact that they operate a gig structure. This means that you are not mandated to drive at certain times.

Neither are you mandated to work for a minimum number of hours or, in the case of Uber, number of trips? You decide when and where to work. This is very convenient driving people around for money set-up if you work you need flexibility.

Becoming An Uber Partner

Becoming an Uber partner is quite easy as long as you meet the requirements. The requirements include (but not limited to this):

  • You need a car that is comfortable and less than 5 years old.
  • You need to have a Private Hire license
  • You need the full range of mandatory and applicable insurance covers mainly a business use cover and a public liability cover.

When you meet these requirements, you simply fill out a form on the company’s website or apply through their Facebook page. After they have verified the information you have filled in and they deem you fit to be a partner, they will call you for a training course, which in many instances lasts about 2 hours.

During the training, you will be taught about everything you need to know and how best to handle different situations you will face whilst on the job. After the short training, you are good to go; in fact, you can pick your first clients as soon as you leave the training venue.

The Associated Costs

The costs that you will incur when applying to be an Uber driver and actually being an Uber driver include:

  • The fuel costs In many regards, fuel cost is the biggest running cost consideration you will have to contend with. As such, you need to be mindful of how efficient your car is, lest all the money you make ends up fuelling your car
  • PHV license application costs and the roadworthiness tests (which can be a one-off and or a continuous test
  • Business use insurance premiums
  • Parking costs
  • Cleaning costs
  • Vehicle maintenance costs

Your Earnings And How You Can Optimise Them

If you had applied to be an Uber partner before 2016, you receive 80% of the pay per trip. However, all applicants who apply after 2016 will receive 75% of the trip pay as Uber deducts 25% as service fees. Payments are made directly to your bank account on a weekly basis.

There really isn’t a lot of optimizing earning you can do as the rates for every trip are determined by the platform. However, you can choose the most efficient vehicle to reduce the fuel costs you incur.

While Uber is the market leader and the most popular rideshare company around, it is not the only rideshare company you can partner with. There are plenty of other companies that are more suited to your lifestyle, expectations, and even aspiration. These include Taxify, Kabee, MyTaxi, Ola, Gett, and many others.

The Benefits Of Driving For Ride-Sharing Companies

There are plenty of benefits to accrue from driving people to use ride-sharing platforms. First and foremost is the unique opportunity to work when it suits you.

When you drive for Uber, there are no mandated working hours that you must strictly follow. You work when it suits you. This flexibility means that you can drive like a part-time job or you can drive as a full-time job. There is no other driving job that offers this kind of flexibility in existence today.

Importantly, since driving for the vast majority of ride-hailing platforms does not mandate a minimum number of trips or a maximum number of trips, you can work for the number of hours you need. For instance, if you drive like a part-time gig, you can drive for 20 hours a week or less. However, if driving is your full-time job, you can drive for 45 hours, 60 hours, or even longer, giving you the opportunity to earn a full-time income.

Another benefit of using ride-sharing platforms such as Uber, you can constantly find clients. You do not have to worry about finding work. The platforms find the clients for you. This reduces the amount of effort you have to make to find clients. You can just focus on driving people around.

Finally, there is the benefit of better pay. Some platforms such as Uber have come out and categorically stated that their drivers earn much more money than the traditional taxi drivers. The platform helps to optimize the driver’s incomes, thereby resulting in much better returns. Add that to the tips you get from your customers, and you will make a tidy sum.

2. Chauffeur Business

Chauffeur driving man

Another top-notch means of earning an income while driving people around is being in the chauffeur business. As a chauffeur, unlike a taxi driver, you are meant to offer professional services with a personal touch to enhance the experience of the clients.

As such, you will do much more than just drive when you are a chauffeur. It is for this reason that you must have a special license or certification to ply your trade as a chauffeur.

What Does Being A Chauffeur Entail

Typically, you will need to provide splendid services with regards to driving the clients around safely. Safety and comfort are the proprieties in this particular business. To this end, you will have to keep abreast with all the latest development regarding traffic patterns, weather development, and other related issues with the intention of ensuring the clients travel safely, comfortably, and in a timely manner. Furthermore, despite the fact that timeliness is an important aspect, you will have to adhere to all the traffic rules.

As a chauffeur, you will be carrying out cleaning tasks around the car. The expectation of the client whenever they seek executive chauffeur services is a car that is in pristine condition. Your clients will expect you to show up and drive them in a clean car. This means you will have to do some cleaning around the car so as to meet the clients’ expectations. Furthermore, you will have to presentable. A suit and tie are, in this regard, mandatory.

Another aspect of being a chauffeur is load and unload the packages, loads, and items that the clients are traveling with. Keeping in mind that being a chauffeur entails providing a luxury service, you will have to cater for the loading and unloading of the goods and items that clients carry.

Part and parcel of being a chauffeur entail providing local information, tips, directions, and other such simple information. As such, you need to be a very good communicator and have excellent people skills. Furthermore, you must be an expert listener. These two characters come in handy in helping you keep your clients satisfied with the customers-service.

Benefits Of Being An Executive Chauffeur

So, what makes all the hassle worth it? Your earning potential. Seeing that you are rendering a luxury service, in most cases, you are all but assured of earning more money. The extra attention to detail, the personal touch, and the excellent service delivery will warrant extra pay. Therefore, you will earn more money as is usually the case whether you are an employee of an executive transportation services firm or you are self-employed.

3. Taxi Driver

taxi driving around

Although driving a taxi is becoming an archaic way to drive people around for money, it is still alive, and in some regard thriving. You can still make money by being a cabbie, whereby you drive a taxi, in the traditional sense. The rise of ride-hailing apps might have dented the cab industry, it still does remain steadfast, serving millions of passengers annually. Not all passengers or all situations can be served by ride-hailing apps.

For instance, in many airports, it is hardly practical for passengers to request an Uber or Lyft if they are in a hurry, and in most cases they. As such, they will simply walk up to the next taxi available and catch a ride to their destination.

Increasing Your Income As Cabbie Driver

That being said, it is important to note that while you will definitely make money paying for your trade as a taxi driver, your income might be significantly less than other drivers who ply their trade through rideshare companies. The market saturation and increased competition that has been occasioned by the rise of ride-sharing apps and platforms means that there is less income to share.

Nonetheless, when you choose the right location to render services, you increase the odds of earning a decent income. For instance, when you operate around a transport hub search as airports, you are bound to attract more customers and, therefore earn more money. Furthermore, in the current market, operating as a taxi driver means you have to dedicate more time to the job when there is a boon.

4. Bus Driver

driving bus for cash

Another option where you can drive people around for money is being a bus driver. This is a particularly good option for individuals who are concerned about the unpredictability that other driving careers such as taxi driving come with. Being a bus driver means you are employed by the bus company, providing you with much-needed job security. This guarantees you a regular income that you can budget for, despite the spikes in passengers. As such, by being a bus driver, you combine your passions for ferrying people around with a salaried income structure.

Steps To Becoming A Bus Driver

While every driving career mentioned does take some consideration training, training to be a bus driver does take exceptional training. For starters, your journey to being a bus driver begins with basic training in a DSA compliant institution. While you might opt to pay for the training yourself, bus operators usually provide paid training as an incentive. As such, you do not have to spend money on your training.

During the basic training, you will be taught the full spectrum of bus driving skills that you will need on a daily basis. This will entail learning about the theory behind bus driving. It will entail learning practical skills to ensure that you are able to put the theories you learned in class into real-world scenarios.

As part of your safety training, you will learn a wide range of safety procedures necessary to operate a bus and drive passengers safely. Importantly, you will learn about hazard perception and be tested on the same. This will give you the skills required to operate a bus safely.

When you successfully finish your training and testing you will be granted a PCV permit. This will allow you to apply for a job as a bus driver for any of the various bus operators. However, if your training is company-sponsored, passing your successfully completing your training means that you can start operating as a bus driver for your company. To be a successful applicant, various companies have different requirements. And even when you have all the qualifications to apply for a bus driver job, some bus operators will opt to train you further.

Furthermore, training and skills development does not end once you get the job. Bus companies constantly and continuously train their drivers to sharpen their skills, thereby ensuring that their drivers operate within the limits of the law and in accordance with the regulations. Importantly, the training helps bus drivers keep abreast with all the safety procedures that they should follow in their daily work routines.

The Benefits Of Being A Bus Driver

As stated above, you are guaranteed a salary as a bus driver. This job security comes in handy especially for individuals with financial commitments that they cannot risk defaulting. However, it is not just a matter of job security, being a bus driver comes with relatively good pay. For instance, besides the salary that you get, as a bus driver, you are entitled to any overtime undertaken, usually with enhanced pay rates.

Another benefit of driving people around as a diver is that you can plan your time. Typically bus operators have work shifts for their employees. This means that you can operate your time around your work shift. You do not have to operate for hours on end without taking a break as might be the case with taxi drivers.

5. Charter/Coach Bus Driver

To drive people around and make money does not have to mean circling around the city. You can drive people around long-distance destinations and make money out of it. This is what coach drivers do. They move people long distances, say from one end of the country to the other or to cross-country destinations. As such, you get to explore your country and in some cases, you get to explore and enjoy a cross-country expedition of some sort.

Coach bus driving is the perfect job for people looking to explore while driving for a living. With the regular bus, you simply take the same routes over and over again throughout your work shift. However, as a coach driver, you get to go to different parts of the country or to other countries altogether. It is not an exaggeration in saying no two days of your workday are the same.

Becoming A Coach Driver

Training to become a coach driver entails attaining bus driving skills. However, even after training to become a bus driver and attaining a PVC license, there is more training one must undertake in order to become a fully qualified coach driver. Fortunately, this training is offered by the tour bus companies. As such, you need not worry so much about the extra training needed.

Coach Bus Requirements

  • A PVC license
  • Digital-Tacho card
  • A Valid CPC card
  • Years of PSV driving experience with a track record of safe driving (the minimum years of experience is company-specific)
  • However, there some other requirements that a coach company may require their prospective employees to meet. These include:
  • A certain maximum number of point on your license (usually not more than 2 6 points
  • A minimum age limit (usually you must be at least 25 years)
  • A stellar geographical knowledge
  • Previous city driving

You may be required to live within 1 hour of the tour bus company offices or terminal

The Benefits Of A Couch Driver

The most notable difference between couch driving and any other driving is the ability and opportunity to drive around the country or cross country. With all the other types of driving, you spend all your time driving around a limited geographical region. This will make it very difficult to explore any of the places beyond your typical geographic area of coverage.

Another benefit is the ability to make more money. With couch driving, you are guaranteed a salary, which when all things are considered can be higher than other forms of driving. Aside from the typical rates you get when you drive, there are also plenty of opportunities for overtime, which attracts better rates. Furthermore, most tour companies will enroll their workers in a pension scheme, usually a company pension scheme.

There other company-specific benefits such as free passes for their employee and their spouses. Regardless of the additional company-specific benefits, you are bound to enjoy your time as a coach driver. It is a very satisfying way to drive people around for money.


If you love and are passionate about driving, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make money while pursuing something you love. Importantly, there are plenty of opportunities for you to pick a form of driving that suits your needs and your lifestyle.

Unlike years past when you could only be a taxi or bus driver, today you can be an executive driver or a freelance driver, offering your services when it suits.

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