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What Is Skype?

The telecommunications application Skype allows users to connect and make video chat and voice calls via between many modern devices. The software can be installed in computers, tablets, mobile devices, smartwatches and the Xbox console which can connect to the internet.

With Skype, you can transmit video, audio, images, and text. Skype over the years has become very popular in organisations and companies since it allows video conference calls. Making calls with Skype anywhere in the world is entirely free as long as both parties are using the app.

Did You Know You Can Make Money On Skype?

Skype users can utilise the platform to make money. There are two ways to achieve this. You might need to use a little bit more effort to figure that one out. The easiest method is by using the prime program, which allows you to earn money 70% commission of what you charge.

While it takes around four months before you get paid, you can use Skype service as a connection tool to make money.

With Skype prime, you get to charge people around the globe for your expertise. Usually, professionals teach or offer courses and training on a wide range of topics. Interested people can join your call by paying it, and you end up receiving 70% commission for that.

You can then offer 1-on-1 tutoring with the Skype prepaid programme. One becomes a provider if they are offering their service for money via Skype. As the provider, you can charge your customers either per minute or charge them per call. The revenue goes to your PayPal account, which you provide when you intend to earn with Skype.


High commission rates

Earning 70% commission from most online services is not common. So for those who get to keep 70% on Skype, it is quite a good deal. If you are able to provide exceptional services that will attract clients and keep them, you can earn good money with Skype.

Increased Chances Of Getting Customers

Since Skype has over 300 million global users, you have a high likelihood of selling your service via Skype and earning cash. Take the opportunity to monetise your expertise

Lets you control charges

Skype has just one rule on fees. They agree on a minimum all charge of $0.50 per minute, and you can charge your customers what you want as long as it is reasonable. The only thing that happens is that 30% of whatever you charge is taken by Skype.


Of course, you will need a device, preferably a computer, to make calls. On top of that, get a microphone and headphones. You will also need a PayPal account. It is mandatory that you have PayPal if you intend to use Skype Prime.

How to earn with Skype Prime

  1. Sign up to Skype either via their website by just filling in the required details. You are advised to get the most up-to-date version of Skype
  2. Sign up with PayPal if you do not have an account yet
  3. Use Skype for a couple of times until you get the hang of the platform. Since you are interested in teaching offering a course and in exchange get paid for it there is the assumption you are already prepared
  4. Apply for Skype Prime and become a Prime advisor
  5. Find at the bottom-right of the Skype Prime page options of becoming a provider is a caller and, obviously, choose the provider and follow all the other steps, which are quite simple to follow.
  6. Provide the required services using Skype and your funds will begin to accumulate if you are good at what you do. You could join many other providers who make a living by offering their services via Skype.

Cons Of Using Skype Prime To Earn Money

Delayed Payments

With Skype Prime, you have wait three months to get paid, something that might be a turn off for some people.


While it is quite decent when compared to many ways of earning online, some people think that the 70% commission that one gets on whatever they charge is not enough and would prefer getting more.

Once you establish a trustworthy relationship with your clients, you can decide not to use Skype Prime and instead make regular calls and have them send you money via other means. The alternative works for those who do not like waiting for 120 days or more as well as those who want to get 100% of what they charge. Nevertheless, the option is risky since you may end up not paid by some of the customers.

Look out for other ways you can use Skype to earn money. Such as calling customers to sell software, and products on eBay.

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