How To Make Money From Home

How to Make Money from Home UK is an information blog all about how to make money from home. Our website has everything you will need to learn how to earn from home, from setting your business up, all the way to selling it online. Earning your money from home isn’t always a walk through the park, nor is it the challenge of a lifetime.

1. Start or Monetize your Blog

Almost everyone has a blog now, right? Some of us even have more than we can count on both hands. But this can be a really great opportunity to make some hands-free income from home with Google AdSense, affiliate commissions, and sponsored advertisements.

The best thing about it is that YOU get to choose what the blog is all about, which means that you can concentrate on the topics or niche that you’re totally passionate about. This also means that you get to choose what products to promote when to publish content, and the kind of ads to feature.

starting a blog from home

So, if you’ve been curious about starting a blog, whether it’s marketing, fashion, or parenting blog, don’t hesitate and start today! Follow our related article below to get started for free, we have much information in and around this subject that should get you on your way to success.

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2. Create an Online Store

If you have a thing for entrepreneurship, or you’ve always wanted to be an online entrepreneur, one of the best ways to earn some cash is by becoming an online store owner. Nowadays, you can sell almost anything, thanks to the connectedness of the internet. Once you’ve created your online store, you will be earning money by selling your own (or someone else’s) products and services online. You can ideally create your own e-commerce website or store through a self-hosted platform such as Shopify, or through a hosted e-commerce software provider when you will be responsible for creating your own online store.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the technical experience on configuring e-commerce stores since the self-hosted providers like Shopify let you create a beautiful e-commerce store in a matter of minutes. These services also let you add the required e-commerce functionality on your existing website to sell products online. Nonetheless, e-commerce software is the easiest way you can build a store online and begin selling your products.

If you don’t want something this easy to create your online store to make money from home you can use other e-commerce CMS platforms such as Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce and many more. The top two e-commerce platforms are Magento and WooCommerce, check out our blog to find out which one is better for you, Magento VS WooCommerce.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

With the internet, you don’t even have to own products or services to earn a hefty paycheque. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. You are ideally tasked with promoting other people’s products and/or services, and when you convince someone to buy, you receive a commission off the sale price. That’s it. You don’t need to carry an inventory, provide support, or deliver the product to the customers. No. all you need is to find ways to promote the affiliate products via platforms such as social media, your own blog, YouTube videos, the articles you publish, etc.

Below are some of the 10 best online marketplaces for affiliate networks that offer ad links that allow you to earn money from home:

  • Amazon: you can promote anything from Amazon including electronics, books, clothing, audiobooks, kitchenware, lawnmowers, and even car parts. Amazon UK pays up to 10% commission on much of the stuff being sold on their site.
  • Rakuten Linkshare: here, you can promote some of the most popular brands including iTunes, Starbucks, and even Walmart, as well as other products offered by smaller companies.
  • Click Bank: this is an online marketplace containing thousands of products to choose from, and you can earn up to 75% commission on the sales you make.
  • Shareasale: here, there over 4,000 merchants to promote, including Zazzle, Beachbody, Weebly, Julep, etc. they also have a reputation for paying on time.
affiliate marketing from home

If you want to look at earning more cash from home with Affiliate marketing then you need to check our top 10 affiliate marketing platforms blog to ensure you get the best rates for your hard work! Don’t make money from home and not cover your back!

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4. Become an Internet Marketer

Both individuals and businesses are leveraging the power of the internet to promote their products and services, websites, brand awareness, and their companies. There are many ways you can benefit from this and earn a quick buck out of it. There are many ways to use the internet as a marketing tool, through things like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) and more.

internet marketing from home

If you’re knowledgeable in any of those, you can provide your services to businesses with their target audience in mind. For example, if you’re an expert on SMM, you can help individuals or businesses to engage their audiences on the different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. With this, you can even provide an even more integrated solution for traffic generation to help them generate quality leads and conversions for a fee.

A great way of making money from home with very little investment is through organic. This is also known as SEO which falls into Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is marketing upon a search engine. Making money at home has never been easier or cheaper. Having this also enables your millionaire ideas to become more long-term, but don’t think it doesn’t come with a lot of hard work.

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5. Listen to Music for Money

For those who love listening to music all day, this program is for you. It allows you to earn money by listening to songs from unsigned artists and bands online, and submit a review of the song to Slicethepie. Some of the active users with the most prolific rating earn an extra £50 a month by spending only 5 minutes to 10 minutes a day listening to some music. Although it might not seem that much, sticking it into savings could amount to something more than you could imagine in no time.

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6. Online Surveys

Another popular way of making some extra income online is filling out online surveys in your spare time. Many research companies are always looking to recruit a new member into their online surveys and test out new products or get data on specific demographics. You only need to spare a few minutes for form filling, and you’ll find yourself making a couple of quid, which you will receive in form of cash or rewards. With some surveys, you can make up to £3 once completed.

online surveys from home

Some of the great places to start include MySurvey, Global Test Market, Toluna, YouGov, Hiving, SurveyBods, Vivatic, PanelBase, Branded Surveys, PopulusLIve, Mind Mover, iPoll, Swagbucks, Pinecone, and Opinion Outpost.

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7. Reviewing Apps and Websites

If you’re pretty nifty with your internet browsing, it’s time you started turning into a pro and get paid to professionally browse through and review websites. is a popular program that pays people to review different kinds of websites every day. Each of the reviews will take about 20 minutes to complete and will earn you around £6.50, this is paid via PayPal.

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8. Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is one of those jobs that I always wish I was talented to do. There are loads of jobs available online for graphic designers. You can ideally start by working as a freelance graphic designer and make good amounts by creating brochures, infographics, logos, designing web pages, etc. based on your speciality. Good graphic designers earn quite handsomely especially if they are really good at one specific field. Be sure to check out websites like Upwork and Fiverr for some graphic design gigs.

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9. Freelance Work

The internet has lots of job listings for freelance writing work. If you enjoy writing and you’re comfortable delivering high quality, unique content and articles, then this kind of work could be your perfect fit.

There are many husbands and wives who depend on freelance writing work as their sole source of daily bread, which is a sign that you can really make good money working as a freelance writer. Various websites like Upwork and people per hour are great starting points for your freelancing career.

You can also dabble in completing Micro-tasks as a form of freelancing. These are essentially smaller tasks that still require human input, and can take on many different shapes. You can check out our blog to see if this career path is right for you.

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10. Researching and Answering questions online

If you have a good command of a certain language or subjects and you possess excellent researching skill, you can join the different “questions and answer” websites, which will pay you to answer the different questions asked by users. All you need to do is to provide professional answers online, so you need to have a computer and a stable internet connection to get started.

researching from home online for money

The users ideally post their questions on these sites and they will pay the professionals who provide the correct answers. Some of the quality Q&A sites you should check out:

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11. Provide Administrative Assistance

Those with strong communication and organizational skills have the option of working from home as a part-time for a company as an administrative assistant. You’ll ideally perform tasks like composing letters, answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, sending emails, data entry, web research, etc. If you can multi-task, then you can earn your income from this gig while doing other things.

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12. Making and Selling Custom T-Shirts

Websites or platforms such as Teespring let users create and sell different kinds of custom t-shirts with no hassle, zero risk, and zero upfront costs. You can essentially design, make, and promote your t-shirts, and you leave them the job of producing and shipping it. This is great for sports teams, reunions, parties, and clubs.

making custom tshirts from home

Another great method of creating custom t-shirts from home is using Shopify. Shopify has an App Store that you can amazingly filter through the category to show you the best of ways and tools to “pimp your store” exactly where you need it and above. All of my E-Commerce sites are built with Shopify, some even have clothing that we have customised on Photoshop. We then upload it onto the App and let the platforms do the rest.

The process is: Someone will order, Shopify pays with my card to the App that I created my t-shirt with and tell them which size and design t-shirt it was. Then to App company make the t-shirt, box it up with your labelling on and send it out to the customer. This is white-labelling, but a great way to make money from home with effectively a “Just add marketing” solution.

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13. Proofreading

If you’re a grammar expert who’s also detail-oriented or a former English major, proofreading can be a great way of making money from home. A great way to start would be by reaching out to your favourite authors or bloggers for gigs, as they are often looking for proof-readers. Sites like are great for this.

proofreading from home

Finding Proofreading work can be difficult, but it’s well worth it considering how much money you can make. Proofreading could become a full-time job if you were willing to put the hours into it. What does it take to become a proofreader you may ask? Well the good news is you don’t need any special qualifications.

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14. Editing

This is more extensive compared to proofreading and involves offering suggestions for changes in the content and sentence structure in the writing. Authors and bloggers are always looking for editors, and it’s quite easy to make some money as a stay-at-home freelance editor.

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15. Selling articles for Cash

For those who have a knack for writing articles on topics they like, then this is an amazing opportunity for you. All you need are excellent writing skills, some unique articles to submit as samples of your work, and a PayPal account where your money will be sent. and are great places to start.

selling articles for cash

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16. Transcription Services

Just like freelance writing jobs, offering transcription services will let you transcribe as many or as a few hours as you’d like, meaning that you’ll have total control over your daily schedule, allowing you more time for personal and family activities and responsibilities.

With this freelance job, you would be changing text into audio from any kind. This is a strategy a lot of e-commerce professionals like to purchase so they can mass scale easier, having someone else doing all the video voice-overs PERFECT can be extremely time-consuming for others.

You can charge anywhere up to £50 for a great transcription service at around a minute long, but I wouldn’t charge £50 a minute. Obviously a little job like that for £50, but if someone wanted 10 minutes maybe just charge them £200/£250 max, otherwise you will be very overpriced.

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17. Finding Odd Jobs on Craigslist

Your local peeps are always looking for some help with odd things like clearing out their email inbox, walking their dogs, and house painting. A simple search on Craigslist should surely reveal a job that you will be more than comfortable to do and thereby earn some cash in your spare time. Selling things you already have but don’t need.

craigslist logo

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18. Sell Old Books

If there are many books around your home just sitting there and collecting dust, you can gather and sell them for a quick buck. Sites like ideally help you sell old books for the best price possible by comparing prices from over 58 books buying websites.

Other sites like WeBuyBooks and Gumtree are also great options. This way, you’ll find a person who’s willing to pay the best for each of your books.

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19. Sell your Old Movies, Games, and CDs

Some platforms will ideally pay you for your old movies, games, and CDs, especially if they are real collectables. So, if you want to clear out space in your house of old things that you no longer use, you can as well earn something doing it. Sites like eBay and Gumtree are great platforms to sell unwanted items on.

Many people take a lot of unwanted games and items to places like CEX, or GAME, or other places that give you an on the spot deal. This usually comes down to desperation, believe me, we have all been there, but selling the items online can make you nearly twice as much, sometimes more, and you only have to wait a few days.

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20. Sell Photographs Online

These days, you don’t need to have a studio to earn money as a photographer. Even if photography is just a hobby to you, there are many sites willing to pay for high-quality digital photos. In general, however, the better you are at photography the more cash you will earn, but you can make some passive income regardless of your level. Some sites to check out include Shutterstock, Getty Images, Dreamstime, SmugMug, 123RF, CreStock, and Adobe Stock.

photography from home for money

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21. Offer Services on Fiverr

If you have some skills, you can sell services on sites such as Fiverr or Upwork, from resume writing and writing break up letters to logo design and prank calling a person. You can go in offering a certain amount of money for your job, or you can accept the requested work rate amount offered from the employer.

Fiverr logo

Using services like these to make money from home is extremely useful to add in those extra notes. The problem with this, like many industries, is that you only have so much of your time you can sell. Finding an avenue that is more passive is going to be a more sustainable future for yourself rather than doing something that you can charge by the hour.

For example, when I first set up my e-commerce store I was selling the businesses hourly rate at £80 – £150 an hour, it was manic! I knew to hire more staff wasn’t scalable for myself as an individual, it was too many extra pressures on my shoulders me or the business didn’t need at that time.

So I set up an e-com store and within 3 weeks we got it to produce £12,000 per week in revenue, we have had stores since do over £100,000 in revenue per month. Doing this the way we would have been working would have built up a lot more stress and pressure upon us all, with e-commerce it is a lot more viable to scale.

Reason for saying the above, if you are scaling an e-commerce store outsource your labour to places like Fiver and Upwork. It saves you paying for a constant bum on the seat but also allows you to pick and choose different specialists at a great price with fast turnover time.

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22. Trying new products

Many companies are willing to part with a good amount of money to have some users test out their products and services for free in return for feedback. Vindale Research pays you to simply complete a variety of free offers.


This job can sound extremely easy, yey a load of free products, but sometimes companies ask for a lot of information back regarding there product. If you do not fulfil what they are wanting, there is the off chance them and other companies won’t use you much often after that. This is mainly down to the trying new products market is extremely competitive as it is a simple work from home job.

Although, if you have a good social media following it is a lot easier to get free gifts. A lot of high-end influencers are even getting money as well as free gifts for advertising products on their accounts.

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23. Teaching Baking and Cooking Classes

For those who are gifted in the kitchen, you can make good use of your talents by teaching others how to bake or cook certain foods online. If it goes well, you can go on to start a complete online cooking school for adults or kids.

All you need to start this work from home business is a laptop, either with a great microphone and video on it or purchase those separately for better resolution. With this small set of items as well as your amazing baking skills, you will be sure to rack up a few thousand subscribers with constantly posting.

teaching to bake from home

Having an audience like this for when you are teaching backing and cooking classes is a great way to get ready for a launch of a book, restaurant or anything that you could create to sell to an audience with interests within the industry. Following great dropshipping videos online on how to scale products can be a great way to promote those items even further also.

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24. Teaching Music Lessons

If you know how to play an instrument, from the guitar to a saxophone, you can ideally teach people how to play online for a good amount of money at the comfort of your home. You can sign up to multiple platforms online and get paid excellent money for teaching young pupils music lessons.

I met a woman who was teaching young students in the South of France, she was getting really great money for doing a great job and a lot of her work came from word of mouth. With it being a well financially populated area people pay a lot of money to educate their children.

Finding spots you can work in that are well known for wealth are great starters for targeting, live cheaply elsewhere and use your online skills from home to target the rich in the expensive areas.

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25. Teach Sewing Lessons

There are many people who are willing to pay good amounts to learn the great art of sewing. You’d be surprised how many students you may acquire for your class and the amounts of money you’ll be making when you offer to teach sewing lessons.

sewing from home for money

If this is something that you enjoy doing, why not show people online how to do what you do? Making money from teaching sewing lessons from home is a great way to follow your passions of making passive income in the comfort of your home.

At first, it can be a struggle to build an audience but don’t give up, watch some motivational videos if you need to. Keep posting, commenting, liking and subscribing elsewhere. Building that brand awareness everywhere is a great way to get people to recognise you, but secretly from an SEO perspective you are building internal links within parts of your social fortress, this method is extremely effective if done correctly.

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26. Creating Printables

Much of the free and paid for printables you find online are usually outsourced to third parties. And while not everyone is talented in this area, most bloggers are willing to pay high amounts of money for someone to create printables for them.

In fact, if you are that good, we would appreciate it if you would message into us as we are always looking for people to create these for us. Constantly building new brands and sectors within those brands it would be great to have someone on board who really knows to work fast-paced but extremely high-quality of work as well.

creating printables relaxed from home

A lot fo our brands are competing with many other, so high-end printables need to be absolutely perfect. All of the printables are created by you and created at your home, we do not come there, we would receive these digitally from yourselves. Please feel free to contact us regarding any work regarding creating printables.

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27. Renting out your home

Renting out your home is one of the more lucrative methods of working from home if you are willing to put the necessary effort in. By becoming a landlord and getting rent from your tenants you can massively boost your income, to the point where you can focus on it full time eventually. Various sites like Airbnb, Openrent, and HomeToGo make the process of becoming a landlord much smoother.

Not only renting it out this way makes it a lot more manageable, but also you can end up earning more for your house. If you have a 3 bedroom house, normally you would get around £600 a month for the property, maybe £700. Using sites like AirBnB you can charge up to £30 a day per bedroom of the property.

renting your home for money

This can soon multiply your income instantly. After this, a great long-term goal with this strategy would be to get more mortgages, keep building your property portfolio right up. Rent the rooms individually to students or tourists and build up to get a property manager to handle it all for a larger ROI. This strategy enables scalability within renting your home for money.

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28. Help People Learn a New Language

You can also earn by teaching people a new language online from your own home. You’re not limited to English. Many people are looking to learn languages such as French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and more. Most of the platforms that offer this service will handle all the marketing, scheduling, payments etc. for you.

Many people thrive off this industry who are talented at languages, it gives them more time to see the world and study, whilst keeping her clients happy as they are constantly progressing. There are always two sides to any work from home business, but no matter which side of the business you are on, the start is always the hardest part and getting everything going.

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29. Testing Websites

Many companies and individuals will routinely look for people to test their new websites in order to get valuable feedback on aspects such as usability and aesthetics of the site. That’s another opportunity for you to earn money from your home. One of the most popular service UserTesting will pay testers about £10 for a 20-minute session.

testing websites from home

Big corporate companies want professionals to be testing websites before they go live. Making sure CRO is at its highest, but also other marketing factors are corporated into the websites also. Many SEO’s will come in and analyse the content within the site as well as the technical aspects of the site. Dev’s will come in to check all technicalities of functionality as well as designers and more to analyse a load of other factors.

The point is testing websites is a great work from home job, but you need to be qualified in a certain aspect of the marketing sector. This doesn’t mean college/university qualified, but, just proven enough to know what you are talking and to be able to support all statements against the website.

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30. Writing Product Reviews

If you always have an opinion about every new product on the market, you can make cash while doing it. Platforms such as and will pay you to write short product reviews for a wide variety of products.

Sometimes you will do it for a free product, other times you will be paid for it. These options are just dependant on the owner of the business and how they want to do it.

Obviously, it is your choice whether to accept it or not, but remember that building that portfolio is just as important as cash. Having a lot of successes will allow you to ask for more money in the future. If you are good at what you do why wouldn’t you?

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31. Online Translation

Aside from teaching people a new language, you can also make money as an online translator. You can join platforms such as Gengo, which is a popular site with clients from all over the world. Freelance sites such as People Per Hour, Upwork, and Fiverr have similar gigs where you can earn money.

A lot of marketers these days are in need of an online translator to ensure everything is exactly how they want it. We actually had an Arabic translator for our website for an e-commerce product we started selling. We were extremely specific with our needs and our translator performed extremely well. All of our rankings performed the way we wanted for SEO and got the ROI we were expecting, and above!

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32. Become a Customer Representative or Service Agent

There are many companies looking for home-based persons with great computer, organisational, and communication skills to work for them as representatives or service agents. With these kinds of gigs, you need to be patient, have excellent telephone skills, and the ability to stay calm under pressure, such as when dealing with complaints and disputes.

customer representative from home

The majority of all companies record all of there calls, so make sure you are on best behaviour when doing this. It is not only your reputation on the “line”, but the company that has virtually employed you to work from home. Ensuring that you keep the businesses reputation extremely representable at all times you will have a long-lasting “make money from home” career ahead of you.

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33. Sell Handmade Goods

If you are good at creating handmade items such as home décor, crafts, clothing, candles, etc. you can sell them online via platforms such as Etsy, or by setting up your own e-commerce shop. You can ideally set up a free Etsy shop to sell your crafts. Be sure to write an honest description of the product and add a good, clear picture of the item.

We actually did extremely well with Etsy, mastering the search algorithm using:

Exact Match | Semantic | Brand Name

as the layout for our titles of products, it ranked us to the top of a category within Etsy in a few hours.

So for example:

Harry Potter Shoes | Trainers Inspired by Harry Potter | StoreName

etsy searching handmade goods

We would have 5/6 stores selling all kinds of products, competing with each other making it look to the user as it was multiple businesses but they were all us. We would run Etsy through Ahrefs and find its best performing keywords, then rank our products for those best category pages.

We instantly had the trust from customers as we were from Etsy, after a store lasting around 3 months before they catching us, we went through 27 Etsy stores before running out and cashing in nearly £60,000 in net profit from dropshipping AliExpress products on there at 4x their cost.

But we do not recommend you do this, it will get you extremely band as AliExpress products are not “handmade”, whatever have you seen some of the crap on there?

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34. Dropshipping

This involves selling products through your own website or via a third party such as eBay, but you won’t have to handle the physical delivery of the goods you sell to your customers. Although the customers buy the product via your online shop or another platform where you’ve listed the item for sale, you keep the payment while the manufacturer or warehouse handles the shipping on your behalf. You will have to pay for the shipping though.

Making sure that you have the correct platform also is very important. If you have lots of charges when earning from home with dropshipping then you will have smaller profits. This is why passive income can sometimes not be the best. Check out this blog on the top 10 drop shipping companies to ensure you know who is best for you!

We use Shopify to dropship, scaling with Facebook Ads & Search Marketing we tend to do extremely well with dropshipping. Although we slowly are coming away from the whole model and solely building brands around products to sell online. Scaling these stores up to be able to outsource all the production & delivery so it becomes dropshipping of a large brand.

Many drop shippers like Beast of Ecom, Jared Goetz, Gabriel St-Germain and many more have slowed down on how much they share their results. Have you wondered why? Everyone is battering dropshipping, everyone jumped on the success instantly and overrode dropshipping as a whole. Dropshipping has always been a thing, but until these guys jumped in, take a look at what Google Trends shows us as search data from these drop shippers:

We see there was a massive craze, a lot of amateurs tried and gave up, then a lot of other people carried on fighting building brands and just genuinely being extremely creative and stuck to it. The things is, if you have a winning product you aren’t telling anyone about it until you are done with it!

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35. Fitness Training

For those who love all things fitness and don’t mind helping out other people to get in shape, become a fitness trainer is an excellent opportunity to earn money from home. You can choose either to offer your fitness classes via the internet through Skype or similar platforms or offer to coach people from your home.

online personal trainer from home

This way of making money online has taken off massively in the last 5 years. There are so many different ways of showing people how to stay fit at home for money. In fact, if you know how to stay fit, making money from home has never been so easy!

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36. Work as a Home-Based Bookkeeper

Many small businesses find it more convenient to have a home-based, full-time bookkeeper to manage their accounts. This is probably due to the fact that many small businesses today use the best online accounting software, and they no longer need to have a full-time bookkeeper at their office. So, if you have the certification and experience, and you’re good in numbers, go for it.

Getting started is really easy, having a little standard website and adding yourself to multiple freelancer sites is a great long-term strategy. For the meantime, word of mouth at the beginning for a home-based bookkeeper is probably best for instant work. Local tradesmen love a cheap deal with someone local they can just speak to without any hassle. In fact, a lot of the young entrepreneurs these days prefer local over corporate.

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37. Write and Sell your own eBooks

Writing an ebook is a real opportunity for making money sustainably from home. Those with a knack for authoring books and are good in a certain field such as Do-It-Yourself projects, Computing, Weight loss, etc. writing an ebook on these subjects can be a perfect way to make money online. You don’t necessarily have to write hundreds of pages, just deliver on quality and relevance. You can sell it to marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

selling ebooks from home

This market is extremely competitive, so ensuring the book is not only excellent but marketing it to the correct target is key. You could seriously sell a lot of books if you can gather up a few great reviews, even people who are willing to do video testimonials, then advertise these clips through social media channels. These methods making writing and selling ebooks and an excellent way to make money from home using a hobby of something you enjoy.

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38. Rent Out Your Car

If you have a car that spends most of its time in the garage, you can make extra cash by renting it out with platforms such as Turo. You can even rent your car out while you are on vacation.

With these modern platforms, you ideally control the availability of the car and the price, as well as who gets to rent out your car. Every rental is also covered by a liability policy, and every renter is screened thoroughly for safety.

You can sign up to multiple online platforms to make it more manageable from home. Making money from home with renting out your car does possess a large trust issue, you may need to take extra precautions when doing this one.

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39. Drive People Around

You can make as much as £32 per hour with platforms such as Uber and Lyft, which eliminate the need for taxis. You’ll get to drive your own car, determine distances you’re willing to go, and even set your own working hours.

selling ebooks from home

You can manage your clientele from home by your self, or with a family member. There are also online platforms to employ people for admin assistance. This just ensures you are making a more passive income from home rather than working hard for it.

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40. Babysitting

You might already have kids of your own, but it’s still a great way to make money from home. Think of it as being paid to host a playdate. This gig is ideal for terrific parents who are also wonderful caregivers. If this is you, when not get some quid while doing it?

baby sitting for money

Ensure that you stick to the rules of the household. With it not being a brother or sister of yours you have to be extra careful when handling the baby/child during incidents. Make sure you tell the parents everything that has happened so you are not to blame for anything at all. Don’t tell lies, you never know they might be recording you aha.

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There you have it. This exhaustive list should be more than enough to help you stay busy and make some extra income.

Good luck and happy earning!

We need the help of other marketers and professionals to be able to share your advice to the public. Together we can make this the best platform for earning money from home.

How to Make Money From Home

10 Benefits to Working from Home

  1. Passive Income
  2. Fast way to earn money
  3. Travel whilst making money
  4. Millions of options to make money
  5. Work on your own pace
  6. No one to boss you at home
  7. Flexible hours
  8. Work smart not hard
  9. Spend more time with your family
  10. Do what you love, not hate

Making Money from Home

Making money from home is a great way to earn an income, not only can you earn a lot but also in very little work. How to Make Money From Home UK is always posting what you need to know about earning from home and how to make real money online.

Nothing that we post are these “Get rich Schemes” they are all legitimate ways of earning money over long periods of time. Using shortcuts to getting rich from home is not the way to go about it, if you want to learn how to make money from home properly then this blog is for you.

Scams to Avoid

Whilst you are making money from home you are going to come across a lot of websites and adverts telling you how rich you can get instantly. There are so many “shiny things” on the internet that would get anyone hooked into wondering how they did it. I am going to tell you what different scams you should avoid and be careful of.

Get Rich Schemes

Many people get supped into many different schemes and courses online, our recent favourite was someone claiming to only work 2 hours a week on a full digital agency, I even know a professional marketer who falls for this. The authors of these courses are extremely clever and are trained at tapping into peoples minds.

If someone is telling you to buy into a scheme for a few hundred quid and promises you thousands in ROI do nothing apart from RUN AWAY! Report them, share them on here to keep other entrepreneurs away from the scams.

No#1 Google Ranking in 60 Minutes

This is something I have also seen being promoted on Facebook, what a scam. Businessmen with no SEO knowledge get supped into these schemes and software that promise the best results instantly. Google can take weeks to crawl your site, or up to 24-48hours if you submit an index with Google Search Console, apart from that you can NOT rank on Google in a minute or an hour.


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